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For 50 years employees of Bühler Technologies have been developing, manufacturing and distributing components and system solutions in the „Gas Analysis“ and „Fluidcontrol“ divisions. By specialising in the market niches Gas Analysis and Hydraulics and by offering a complete range of products for each, we have succeeded to become a worldwide leader in both disciplines.


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Products on Display at AQESHOW

Gas analysis sample gas probes, to extract sample gas from the process or emission stream, also available as ATEX and IECEx certified versions.
Effective gas filtration for gas analysis. For particle filtration in sample gas streams, as in-line filters or panel filters also covering all kind of special scenarios.
Sample gas pumps of various sizes for transport of sample gas in gas analysis systems. Ex( ATEX / IECEx / Class I Div. 2) approved variants available.
Sample gas coolers, as peltier coolers or compression cooling systems, for the gas analysis. Also as EX approved variants.
Converter for the catalytic conversion of the NO2 content of the emission gases in your gas analysis system, as part of the gas conditioning.
Various gas analysers for extractive analysis systems and in-situ gas analysers, for process- and emissionmonitoring, as single and multi-channel analysers.
Portable Probes and gas conditioning systems for service, comparison- and sample measurement. With a wide range of customization options to meet you requirements.
We supply modular 19” gas analysis systems for one or multiple gas paths, as well as custom analysis systems, optimized for your requirements and budget.

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