AQESHOW 2020 - Exhibitor - AP Technologies

Company: AP Technologies
Stand No: H2
Address: The Coach House, Watery Lane
Country: United Kingdom
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Company Profile
We are a UK distributor of optoelectronic components and sub-systems.
Our spectrometers are used widely in both water and air applications - offering excellent performance in a range of compact and cost-effective designs.
Our LEDs cover the spectrum from UVC (suitable for sterilisation) through visible & NIR wavelengths used in a many monitoring applications.
Silicon Photomultipliers are detection solutions offering the sensitivity of vacuum photomultiplier tubes in compact, rugged, low voltage, solid-state surface mount devices.
For gas-sensing we offer PbS/PbSe detectors and our supplier is developing lead-free technology.
In addition to our standard products we work closely with customers to develop bespoke solutions.
Products on Display at AQESHOW
UV-to-SWIR Spectrometers
UV, Visible & NIR Light Emitting Diodes
Visible & NIR Laser Diodes
Silicon Photodiodes
Silicon Photomultipliers, SiPMs
MIR Detectors, PbS & PbSe
Also in Product Categories
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  • Spectroscopy Solutions
  • Gas Detection
  • Sensors
  • Water Analysers
  • Wastewater monitors
  • Gas Sensing
  • Trace Metal Monitoring
  • Water Quality Testing