AQESHOW 2018 - Exhibitor - mirsense

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Company: mirsense
Stand No: 32
Address: NanoInnov, 8 avenue de la Vauve
Country: France
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Company Profile
mirSense is a French manufacturer of quantum cascade lasers and very precise and fast OEM trace gas analyzer modules.
Our patented photoacoustic technology can measure in real time and at sub-ppm levels pollutants and industrial process gas components.
We manufacture the world’s smallest QCL-based gas analyzers, customized for OEM integration, and our gas analyzer modules are also robust (no moving parts like in optical multi-pass cells) and very selective with no cross-interference (which is an advantage compared to traditional NDIR techniques).
For R&D and university labs, we have developed a demonstration kit with easy to use software.
Products on Display at AQESHOW
multiSense is the world’smallest QCL-based gas analyser.
Each module fits in the palm of a hand and can measure two molecules, down to sub-ppm levels in less than one second. Interface is done through Modbus communication protocol or through a friendly user software for the demo kit.
The modules are customized depending on the client’s needs for OEM integration.
The multiSense combines two technological patented bricks: infrared quantum cascade lasers (QCL) and a photoacoustics cell.
This combination is more robust and compact than multi-pass cells, requires no maintenance and has less cross-interference than traditional NDIR techniques.
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