AQESHOW 2018 - Exhibitor - Matts Monitors Ltd

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Company: Matts Monitors Ltd
Stand No: 21 & 22
Address: Highridge, Oakridge Lynch
Country: United Kingdom
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Company Profile
Here at Matts Monitors we are committed to providing customers with innovative solutions to meet any air quality monitoring requirements. Our focus is to use proven precision technology to help you obtain reliable and sustainable data. Our commitment to customer service: The team here believe in working in partnership with our customers to provide outstanding customer service and support. We pride ourselves on our integrity, passion, reliability and responsiveness to any customer requirement. A positive pro-active approach to solving problems is actively promoted throughout the company, with customers being forefront of our thoughts in everything we do.
Products on Display at AQESHOW
* Air Quality Monitoring roadside enclosure with gas analyser, dust analyser, sample system, air-con & communication equipment
* Mobile construction dust monitor
* Industrial Emissions Sampler
* Live air quality data displayed on a large TV screen
* Product range shown on large TV screen
Also in Product Categories
  • Calibration Gases
  • Gas Detection
  • Mcerts Instruments
  • Air Samplers
  • Ambient Monitoring
  • Consultancy services
  • Data Acquisition
  • Gas Analysis
  • Manual Stack Monitoring
  • Portable samplers
  • Stack Testing
  • Workplace Monitoring