AQESHOW 2017 - Exhibitor - Yara UK

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Company: Yara UK
Stand No:  41
Country:  United Kingdom
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Company Profile
Yara is one of the largest urea producers in the world, offering a unique urea back-up supply. Our NOx control experts can provide you with technical support and advice to ensure that your SCR/SNCR urea NOx control system is cost effective and meets all the requirements needed.
Power plants as well as many industrial sites, such as cement, waste incinerators, glass manufacturing plants or refineries must increasingly be equipped with a NOx reduction system. This system is usually either SNCR (non-catalytic process) or SCR (catalytic method) in which urea reagent is injected. The UK & Ireland are subject to legislation based on the IPPC Directive which set limits on the emissions of nitrogen oxides.
Since the 1990s we have offered a range of up to date solutions to prevent emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) for industrial sites. These solutions are marketed under the brand NOxCare.
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