AQESHOW 2017 - Exhibitor - IPURTECH

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Stand No: 16
Address: BDSA, Oakmoore Court, Kingswood Rd, Hampton Lovett, Droitwich, Worcestershire hampton lovett

Country: United Kingdom
Represented Companies on this stand
Company Profile
Ipurtech manufactures systems which destroy odours and toxic gasses in air-streams. The process is simple, economic and relies on passing the air over a high surface area catalyst. Very active radicals generated by the catalyst then break the odour and gas molecules apart, reducing them to less toxic species and eventually to traces of water and carbon dioxide.
The process is almost resistance free and requires just yearly maintenance on the active parts. Pre-filtration cartridges, to remove dust or other airborne solids, require washing when they are too blocked. All is enclosed in a stainless steel box with fan and duct ports for your own installation on site. We have units which deal with 2,000m3/hr. up to tens of thousands m3/hr. air flows. The system replaces carbon absorption, bacteria beds and ozone emitters.
Ipurtech also manufacture liquid purification systems based on similar catalyst technology. Bacteria control and COD reduction in very cloudy liquids is ensured by our patented designs. Ipurtech was one of the very few British companies to be awarded a >£1 million investment from the European Horizon 2020 scheme for SME's.
Products on Display at AQESHOW
We exhibit our small unit for air purification which may be site tested and proven.
A liquid pasteurisation system which controls bacteria in metalworking fluids and beverages will also be on the stand.