AQESHOW 2017 - Exhibitor - EarthSense Systems

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Company: EarthSense Systems
Stand No: 10
Address: EarthSense Systems Ltd The Dock, Exploration Drive, Pioneer Park, Leicester, LE4 5NU

Country: United Kingdom
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Company Profile
EarthSense delivers products that enable the world to visualize and solve its air quality issues. With a combination of air quality sensors, modelling and environmental data we can make a real difference to people's lives, and deliver high-value information to a range of consumers.
We will be launching the Zephyr air pollution monitor, as used in the BBC soicanbreathe campaign (boy with the air pollution backpack), at the AQE show. Come and see how data derived from this small sensor can change the way people view and understand air pollution.
Combining our sensors and our modelling with powerful visualisation techniques we can ensure you have the best science and behavioural change toolkit at your disposal.
Products on Display at AQESHOW
Zephyr: The small sensor making a big impact.
As seen on the BBC, a state of the art air quality sensor that is compact, lightweight and affordable;
Measures pollutants NO2 and O3 with good accuracy (NO2 +- 9ppb, O3 +-4ppb, 95% confidence).
Optional measurement of PM, SO2 and CO.
Calibration valid for over 12 months. Simple cartridge replacement for life-expired sensors.
Static or mobile use (location recorded by GPS).
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