AQESHOW 2017 - Exhibitor - Air Spectrum Environmental

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Company: Air Spectrum Environmental
Stand No: 38
Address: Air Spectrum Environmental Limited Checketts Lane Industrial Estate, Checketts Lane, Worcester, WR3 7JW

Country: United Kingdom
Represented Companies on this stand Spectrum Environmental Support
Company Profile
Spectrum Environmental Support is an experienced department within the Spectrum Environmental group dedicated to providing a full range of environmental and occupational services to all industry sectors.
Our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of air quality and occupational hygiene services to ensure strict compliance with legislation. What we offer: Comprehensive risk assessments of environmental and occupational hygiene issues? Dispersion modelling using the latest ADMS software Air Quality Assessments Environmental monitoring of – Odour, Dust, Bioaerosol and Air Quality Occupational Hygiene and COSHH assessments Odour awareness and sampling Training Courses Equipment Hire and sale Laboratory Services including Olfactometry, materials testing, odour acuity testing and chemical analysis Environmental Impact Assessments Odour abatement advice Stack Emission Monitoring Workplace and boundary noise assessment
Spectrum Environmental Support (SES) provides expert advice in odour and dust consultancy across a range of industries including: Water and Waste Management, Local Authorities and process industries such as those operating odorous or dusty environment including effluent treatment, construction, engineering and manufacturing.
Spectrum Environmental Support (SES) are expert advisers and consultants across a wide range of environmental issues including: environmental nuisance management, nuisance odour consultancy, nuisance dust, odour nuisance management and the team can provide expertise in odour consultancy, odour measurement, odour monitoring, odour dispersion modelling and mapping. Where dust is a problem or an issue we have consultants specialising in dust consultancy, dust monitoring and dust suppression.
Working alongside our two sister companies Air Spectrum and OdourLab we provide extensive knowledge and advice from our Air Quality Consultants for air quality monitoring, air quality planning, air quality assessment and air quality modelling.
SES air quality consultants specialise in environmental health, environmental impact assessments and air quality assessment for both odour control and dust suppression and have experience in environmental management and environmental law
SES’s key objectives are to provide cost effective solutions to environmental problems and solutions ensuring environmental compliance to environmental regulations and laws.
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