AQESHOW 2018 - Abstracts List

ID Abstract Title Presenter Company Session Choice Presentation
1Air Quality - Inside OutMr Jim MillsAir Monitors LtdAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringOral
2Ammonia Slip Monitoring for NOx ControlDr Barbara MarshikServomexAlkaline gases: ammoniaOral
3A Fresh Approach to the Control of Emissions of Sulphur and MercuryMr Peter CarnellJohnson MattheyOtherOral
4A look at HG measurement in the U.S. in the wake of EPA Mats & PC Mact.Mr Shawn WoodOhio Lumex Co.Trace species: e.g. mercuryOral
5Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) using Ozone - Phenton Reaction to Remove Organic Materials and PhenolDr Aumid Abdulrahim ShauniKirkuk Technical CollegeOtherOral
6Opportunities in Environmental Gas SensingDr David PughIDTechExAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringOral
7Sulfur Dioxide Gases & Sulfur aerosols effect on rapid climate warming of Kirkuk city, North IraqDr Fawzi Al BayatiKirkuk Technical CollegeAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringOral
8Continuous and Simultaneous Monitoring of PM Mass Concentration and Speciation with a Single Instrument(PX-375)Mr Yusuke MizunoHORIBA, Ltd.PM10 and PM2.5 particulate measurementPoster
9Industry Pollution.Mr Asarf Daka Changing Peoples Attitudes OtherOral
10he air quality monitoring systems and Quality control program in South KoreaMr Kwangho Baek BaekK eco(Korea Environment Corporation)Air Quality/Ambient MonitoringPoster
11Determination of TOC in stack through innovative FID analyser easy to carryDr Carlo BrunoPollution srlAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringPoster
12The 'Smogmobile' An innovative solution for measuring air pollution and greenhouse gases 'on-the-move'Mr Duncan MounsorEnviro Technology ServicesAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringOral
13A state of the art device for continuous unattended measurements of Ultrafine ParticlesDr Markus PeschGrimm Aerosol Technik Pouch GmbHAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringOral
14Dekati® eFilter™ application to indoor, outdoor and stack emission measurementsMr Erkki LamminenDekati LimitedPM10 and PM2.5 particulate measurementOral
15Enabling accurate mercury measurement for increasingly stringent emissions controlsMr Kim ChapmanLinde GroupTrace species: e.g. mercuryOral
16Ambient air monitoring and analysis for health impact assessment - essential safety improvementMs Nenne NordströmGasmet Europe OyAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringOral
17Continuous Measurement of HCl and HF Using Laser TechnologyMs Elaine CampbellCascade TechnologiesAcid gases: HF and HClPoster
18A Fresh Approach to the Control and Monitoring of Emissions of Sulphur and MercuryMs Heather WhittenburyJohnson MattheyTrace species: e.g. mercuryOral
19Acid gases: HF and HCl – what impact will new EN standards for these gases have?Mr Antti HeikkiläGasmet Europe OyAcid gases: HF and HClOral
20Air Quality & EmissionsMr Dario DiMaggioKurz InstrumentsAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringPoster
21Acid gases: HF and HCl – what impact will new EN standards for these gases have?Mr Antti HeikkiläGasmet/QuantitechAcid gases: HF and HClOral
22Ambient air monitoring and analysis for health impact assessment - essential safety improvementMs Nenne NordströmGasmet/QuantitechAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringOral
23Compliance requirements of European directives in the UKMr Ken RobertsQuantitech LtdEuropean Directive sessionOral
24How to set up an Air Quality Monitoring SystemMrs Anouk Snik - van den BurgOlfasense B.V. Air Quality/Ambient MonitoringOral
26Comparing Canisters and Passive TD Tubes for Fenceline and Ambient Air Monitoring of VOCs using US EPA Methods TO15 and 325A/B Mr Kelvin SandsLC ServicesAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringOral
27Fluorine compounds emissions during fast firing of ceramic tilesMr Salvador GomarInstituto de Tecnologia CeramicaOtherPoster
32Effect of sample line material and length on NO2 and NO emissionsDr Bhupendra KhandelwalThe University of SheffieldOtherOral
33Integrate TDLS technology in compact OEM module to measure low ppm HCLMr Emmanuel ThierryAxetris AGAcid gases: HF and HClOral
36The effect of degrading calibration standards on ambient NOx measurementsMr Bryan SweeneyNPLAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringOral
78The D-Fenceline measurement system - advanced remote sensing solution accomodating industrial monitoring challengesMr Gilad ShpitzerAtmosfir opticsAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringPoster
81The D-Fenceline measurement system - advanced remote sensing solution accomodating industrial monitoring challengesMr Gilad ShpitzerAtmosfir opticsAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringPoster
89(Workshop Presentation) "On board fast measurement of vehicle NOx emissions"Dr Mark PeckhamCambustionOtherPoster
90Real-Time Isokinetic Particulate Concentration and Mass Emission Monitoring in Saturated Flue GasesMr Ryan GoaterPCME LtdOtherPoster
620Is your air monitoring equipment over-reporting NO2 emissions? Charles A. Odame-AnkrahGlobal Analyzer Systems LtdSeminar
625MCPD and the already regulated sectorDr Stewart DaviesHead of Technical Compliance, Viridor & Chair-Elect of the Source Testing AssociationMedium Combustion Plant DirectiveOral
626Speciated Mercury Emission Behavior as a Function of Fuel Type and Pollution Control DeviceMr Michael ThomasThermofisherAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
627A new range of minaturised gas regulators for all cylinders, plus a new range of small cylindersDr Krish NarainSpantech Products LimitedAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
628Air Quality Equipment and the Circular EconomyMs Vanessa AmblerWe Care 4 AirAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
629Air Quality Minitoring using Mesh NetworksDr John SaffellAlphasenseAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
630Effect of PM size distribution on CEMS response in a large-scale coal CHP plantMr Mikko Moisio Dekati LimitedPM10 and PM2.5 particulate measurementSeminar
631Real time particulate characterizationDr Matthew CliffeTrolexAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
632Future trends in ambient air quality monitoring and the role of standardisationDr Nicholas MartinNational Physical LaboratoryAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
633The Last Decades Performance for Emissions Measurements of CO, NOx, TOC and SO2 Assessed via Combining UK and German Proficiency Testing Data from Stack Simulator FacilitiesMs Morven SinclairNational Physical LaboratoryAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
634Carrier-Gas-Free GC BTEX Analyser The New Frontier for Real-Time Monitoring of AromaticsDr Carlo BrunoPollution Analytical EquipmentAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
635London Hyperlocal Air Quality MonitoringMr Jim MillsAir Monitors Air Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
636Measuring Formaldehyde and other Indoor PollutantsMr David GreenAir Monitors Air Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
637Continuous Mercury Emission and Process MonitoringMr TBC SICK (UK) LtdTrace species: e.g. mercurySeminar
638Dynamic measurement of PBL(Planetary Boundary Layer) and other environmental applications of Micro-Pulse LiDARMr Lewis JohnEnviro Technology Services LtdSeminar
639Ambient Odour monitoring for industry - Practical application of the Scentroid SL50 and SM100i to produce boundary measurements in Odour Units Mr Paul WilfordEnviro Technology Services LtdAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
640Planes, Trains and Automobiles - Innovations in Mobile Air Quality MonitoringMr Duncan MounsorEnviro Technology Services LtdAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
641Developments in biomass and waste emissions regulationDr Steve GriffithsUniperCompliance requirements of European directivesSeminar
642OPSIS System 400, One CEM System, Three Solutions - Cross-Stack, Fastloop and Hot/Wet Extraction. Mr Paul WilfordEnviro Technology Services LtdCompliance requirements of European directivesSeminar
644Gas generator for ambient NO, NO2, Ozone and Zero Air - an alternative to cylinders?Mr Jim MillsAir Monitors Air Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
645NO2 monitoring beyond ChemiluminescenceMr Steve HoskinAir Monitors Air Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
646Silica Dust: Quantifying The ProblemMr Nick BrownTSI InstrumentsAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
655The novel technology behind a new national monitoring capabilityProf Roland LeighEarthSenseAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar
663Total Environmental and Process Control in Waste to Energy: Case StudyMr Jamie JeffsENVEA-PCME LtdOtherSeminar
668Overview of indoor air quality standard ISO16000-34: Strategies for the measurement of airborne particles TBC Dekati LimitedAir Quality/Ambient MonitoringSeminar