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Abstract Title: What are the Latest Innovations in Air Quality Services for Local Governments?
Presenter Name: Mr David Green
Company/Organisation: EarthSense
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

The need for more granular insights into the trends and causes of air pollution is more apparent than ever. Coupled with the rise in population living in our cities, means understanding the impact and sources of poor air quality is critical to human and environmental health. We are seeing more local governments and cities investing heavily in connected devices for use in smart city, intelligent transport and IoT (Internet of Things) initiatives to help improve air quality across the country.

This presentation will discuss how EarthSense has used a fused approach using high resolution, highly time-resolved air quality monitoring combined with hyper-local near real-time air quality modelling to map the dispersion of harmful pollutants, delivering actionable data for local authorities to help improve the health impact of the city’s residents.

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