AQESHOW 2018 - Abstract

Abstract Title: The Last Decades Performance for Emissions Measurements of CO, NOx, TOC and SO2 Assessed via Combining UK and German Proficiency Testing Data from Stack Simulator Facilities
Presenter Name: Ms Morven Sinclair
Company/Organisation: National Physical Laboratory
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

With increasingly stringent emissions limits it is important to ensure that the existing standards continue to be of sufficient quality in detecting these common emission species within a specified level of uncertainty. To maintain a uniform level of testing across Europe emissions levels are measured using Standard Reference Methods (SRMs) produced by CEN, which include a required measurement uncertainty for each species. At the UK’s National Physical Laboratory our stack simulator provides a resource to test these methods, and alongside the Hessian Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology (HLNUG) we are able to compare these data over the last decade to study trends in performance. We look specifically at the standards for CO, NOx, TOCs and SO2 in relation to uncertainty requirements for Waste Incineration (WI) and Large Combustion Pant (LCP) BREF documents adopted under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). These data show that the methods for some of these species may struggle to meet some of the increasingly stringent emission limits under the WI and LCP BREF documents.