AQESHOW 2018 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Speciated Mercury Emission Behavior as a Function of Fuel Type and Pollution Control Device
Presenter Name: Mr Michael Thomas
Company/Organisation: Thermofisher
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

This paper will provide a short update to the TUV Update and installations of Thermo Scientific Mercury Freedom CEMS at plants in Europe. We will also provide an in-depth look at use of these systems for process optimization. The costs of Mercury control using activated carbon and other additives can be tremendous. Topics include SO2/Trona injection into Electrostatic Precipitators and the benefits and cost savings as it relates to mercury control systems. We will discuss coal Halogen concentration and burner performance. CEMS designed only for process control can be simplified versions of compliance systems because they do not have to meet the strict QA/QC requirements or EU approval. Further, we will discuss the capabilities of installing a process mercury continuous monitoring system that can later be upgraded to meet EU standards for compliance monitoring. These process mercury systems can provide speciated information that can determine minute by minute the changes in the ratio of Elemental Hg vs. Oxidized Hg and also provide the total Hg passing through the gas stream. It has also been successfully demonstrated that continuous measurement of speciated mercury in the RAW GAS upstream of the SO2 removal system and Electrostatic Precipitator(Or Fabric Filter) can provide vital feedback for plant optimization. We will discuss the use of an elemental generator certified by NIST that eliminates the need for liquid Hovacal calibrations. We will compare the measurement of a single Mercury analyzer when challenged with both NIST traceable elemental standards to that of oxidized standards generated by Hovacal vapor system.