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Abstract Title: Small Sensor Technologies (Standards & Performance)
Presenter Name: Dr Nicholas Martin
Company/Organisation: National Physical Laboratory
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Small sensor systems are increasingly being used for air quality monitoring applications because of their potential to deliver “real-time” pollution data and the relative ease with which they can be deployed in networks to complement regulatory monitoring with reference instruments. Whilst this is all very appealing for end users and other stakeholders, the reality in performance has not always matched up to manufacturers’ claims and the route to standardization has lagged the wider implementation of the new technology. There are complex requirements to set up a fit-for-purpose assessment framework which can identify any important limitations in the sensor technology while at the same time ensuring that the evaluation process is timely and cost effective. This talk will summarise the current progress being made at the European level in the standardization of small sensors by CEN TC264 WG42. It will also introduce some of the experiences gained in the implementation of this technology in the recent first Breathe London pilot study where over 100 systems were deployed in the Greater London area.

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