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Abstract Title: Setting the Scene
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Air quality Monitoring
Presenter Name: Prof Alastair Lewis
Company/Organisation: University of York
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Delivery of decarbonisation commitments in high-income economies are beginning to gather pace. The transition towards a low carbon or even net zero greenhouse gas emissions goal will have profound effects on air pollution, and public health more broadly. Many aspects of decarbonisation and net zero lead to beneficial reductions in primary air pollutant emissions, but the extent of the effects, and benefits arising, often depend critically on the exact technological and policy pathways chosen. Many of these are still on a state of flux. This talk will highlight some recent analyses on the potential future impacts of net zero policies on air pollution, highlighting examples of how co-benefits can be enhanced through careful design, and positive trade-offs avoided. How and when individual elements of net zero are delivered can also change how air pollution and its resultant harms are distributed, in some cases reducing inequalities in exposure, but in other cases possibly exacerbating them. Net zero does not offer however the complete solution to better air quality, and many emissions reduction challenges in areas such as agriculture, domestic emissions and industry will rely on the development of interventions outside of decarbonisation strategies.

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