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Abstract Title: SEPA's citizen science programme - changing behaviours from the school gate
Presenter Name: Dr Graham Applegate
Company/Organisation: SEPA
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Poor air quality impacts us all, from the very young to the old and more vulnerable in our society. Engaging the community to understand the importance of cleaner air is difficult when dealing with pollution that you can’t see. However, we all breathe the same air, and contribute to the problem through our daily lives. School children have a great ability to influence the behaviour of parents and other adults. This can start at the school gate and spread through the rest of the community. Over the Years, SEPA has developed a range of teaching material to engage and inspire the next generation to act, from in-class resources to monitoring air pollution at the playground. The kids have shown that they mean business, tackling vehicle idling and promoting ‘car free’ zones. The presentation will explore how we have utilised the resources and changed attitudes for the better.

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