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Abstract Title: Particulate Matter Source Apportionment using the DustScan Cloud
Presenter Name: Mr Gordon Allison
Co-authors/Co-presenters:Prof Francis Pope
Company/Organisation: DustScanAQ
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

DustScanAQ have partnered with the University of Birmingham to develop and demonstrate the application of source apportionment for common Particulate Matter sources, using a low cost monitor, the DustScan Cloud.rn rnOur presentation will introduce our new continuous particulate matter monitor; the DustScan Cloud, that reports mass concentrations of PM10, PM2.5 and PM1, and which counts particles in 24 size bins from 0.35 µm to 40 µm in size. The sensor, an Alphasense OPC-N3, laser optical particle counter and correction algorithm used meet Indicative MCERTS. rnrnWe’ll also outline the statistical techniques we’re applying to analyse the dust ‘fingerprints’ (positive matrix factorisation and k means clustering). These show when and in what size range PM emissions are occurring from our trial sites at HS2 Curzon Street construction site, Tarmac Mountsorrel quarry, and a kerbside site in Oxfordshire.rnrnThe development of the technique means that site operators and regulators will be able to quantify in µg/m3 their site contribution to local PM concentrations in the size ranges PM2.5, PM4, PM10 at a cost which is available to most sites. Because of the extended size range of the OPC, the technique is also applicable to bio-aerosols.rn

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