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Abstract Title: Multi-component tunable laser analyzers for real time process control for the Hydrogen Economy
Presenter Name: Dr Pawel Kluczynski
Company/Organisation: Airoptic
Country: Poland

Abstract Information :

In this paper we report, applications of multi-tunable laser analyzers for real time process control relevant for the emerging hydrogen economy. Thanks to application of a multi-laser technique, it was possible to extend TDL technology to multi-species detection in a single analyzer for in-situ and extractive analyzers. Multi-component tunable laser analyzers have been already successfully proven in field in various industrial processes in several million of operating hours. A few recent examples of applications to process control for hydrogen production, fuel blending, impurity measurement and electrolyser efficiency are presented. The multi analyzer is capable of measurement of hydrogen as well as impurities in real time with minimum maintenance required and can operate in hazardous areas (Zone 1/21). Examples of measurement of moisture in natural gas, hydrogen, and LNG with detection limits below 0.05 ppmv are given.rn

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