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Abstract Title: Monitoring methane using portable and stationary laser equipment
Presenter Name: Mrs Amanda Billingsley
Company/Organisation: Environmental Instruments Ltd
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Reliable detection of low concentrations of methane in ambient air is critical to identifying the source of methane leaks in the many processes that involve this potent greenhouse gas. This presentation shows how laser technology can detect and measure low levels of methane, looking at all aspects which affect potential adoption as a tool for compliance and risk assessment. The technology is reviewed, as well as the strengths and weaknesses as a practical tool across a range of applications, and novel ways in which data can be managed effectively.rnrnThe selectivity of laser technology can be applied to portable instruments in a small package. A tunable laser diode allows a specific pathlength to be measured, so only the signal due to methane is measured, excluding otherwise potentially interfering hydrocarbons, such as ethane. The resulting sensitive, selective and stable sensor unit can then be integrated into a practical package for portable or stationary monitoring. The ways in which the laser technology is applied to best effect is described, and limitations discussed.rnrnReliable measurement of low levels of methane in ambient air is critical to leak detection in biogas, oil and gas, gas utility and various other applications, and examples of how the technology is applied will be covered.rnrn

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