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Abstract Title: Measurement of Uncertainty: The sine qua non of Fitness for Purpose
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Emission Monitoring
Presenter Name: Yves Tondeur
Company/Organisation: It's About Purpose, LLC
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Low Dioxins TEQ-Regulated Emissions? Do you need assurance that the testing results lead to effective decisions? Using actual data, a stakeholders’ fit-for-purpose approach to build confidence during decision making is discussed by addressing a fundamental question within the context of the technology-in-use and the challenges associated with measuring low concentrations of dioxins in flue gas samples.

How does one measure “quality”?
Is it by…
▪ Following the method to the letter and doing nothing to overcome sample matrix-related difficulties?
▪ Meeting arbitrary, obsolete, irrelevant, fixed and nonperformance-based “quality control” criteria?

Or is it when the…
▪ User (regulatee), the stack testing firm and the laboratory work together to stay ahead of the curve?
▪ Plant manager is satisfied with its emission found below regulatory limit and knows that there is a 5% chance that the true value is above the limit?
▪ Plant manager knows that there is a quantifiable possibility or probability that the laboratory contributed to the measured value to be above the limit?

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