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Abstract Title: Development and Early Results from the UK Supersite Network
Presenter Name: Dr David Green
Company/Organisation: Imperial College London
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Measurement forms a key part of the research and includes a significant suite of analytical equipment deployed either in the laboratory or in the field. This is principally focused in ‘supersites’ in London, monitoring and disseminating the chemical and physical composition of aerosols in real time to inform forecasting and public information systems. The measurements are also used in epidemiological studies to assess the impact of particles and their different composition on health end points.
Source apportionment methodologies are used to interpret the high time resolution chemical composition measurements and quantify the contribution of different emission sources in complex urban environments. In these environments a wide variety of sources, both local (such as traffic) and distant (such as that from agricultural sources), contribute to the total particle load in the atmosphere.

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