AQESHOW 2018 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Continuous Mercury Emission and Process Monitoring
Presenter Name: Mr TBC
Company/Organisation: SICK (UK) Ltd
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

As a well known toxic heavy metal, Mercury has become a major issue for the emissions monitoring aspect of incineration industries such as waste, chemical, cement and power. However, technically all existing CEMS require a lot of effort for reliable measurement in terms of weekly maintenance and calibration checks. The main problem for existing analysers is to find a reliable transfer of the ionic Hg (e.g. HgCl2) into the metallic form (Hg°) by wet or dry methods. 
This presentation will introduce a reliable measuring technique based on the so called Zeeman effect, which allows a continuous direct analysis in a high temperature cell heated to 1000°C. Under this measuring condition all Hg-species are reduced to the metallic form without the possibility to recombine into ionic species again. 
The main topics covered are:
Overview of existing analytical methods for Mercury 
Introduction into Zeeman effect technology
CEMS design for reliable extractive measurement
Instrument certification and equivalency 
Quality assurance and validation 
Industrial applications and case studies
We will show that this new technology is even applicable for different types of incineration processes, providing reliable measurement data without complicated preparation steps. The necessary maintenance  by the plant operator is reduced to a minimum.