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Abstract Title: Assessing and enabling low-cost sensors for UK air quality challenges: the QUANT project
Presenter Name: Dr Pete Edwards
Company/Organisation: University of York
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Low-cost air pollution sensors have a potentially vital role to play in tackling air pollution in the UK, and globally. The high time resolution and ability to create dense networks of these devices offers a paradigm shift in the way we measure key pollutants, evaluate health impacts of air pollution exposure and assess potential solutions. The Quantification of Utility of Atmospheric Network Technologies (QUANT) project is assessing and enabling the use of low-cost sensors for UK clean air challenges. This is being achieved through the delivery of a real-world open and traceable assessment of commercial low-cost sensor devices, in a range of UK urban environments, and the development of novel data methods that enhance the information provided by these devices. QUANT is generating new data, using existing and developmental sensor technologies, and novel data methods in order to provide air pollution source information, and demonstrate the retrieval of information currently not accessible to UK air pollution networks. In this presentation I will give a brief overview of the QUANT project and some of the early findings, in particular focusing on measurement uncertainties and what this can tell us about how we can get the most out of low-cost sensor technologies.

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