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Abstract Title: Allinone ambient air monitoring A single device monitoring 10 greenhouse gases and air pollutants simultaneously
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: New and Emerging technologies and products
Presenter Name: Dr Morten Hundt
Co-authors:Dr Maria Timofeeva
Dr Oleg Aseev
Company/Organisation: MIRO Analytical AG
Country: Switzerland

Abstract Information :

Monitoring of air pollutants and greenhouse gases with high sensitivity and selectivity is important to identify their sources and sinks, develop reliable models to predict air quality and ultimately to protect us from harmful air pollution.MIRO Analytical AG is offering new trace gas analyzers that are capable of monitoring up to 10 gases simultaneously. These analyzers use direct laser absorption spectroscopy and combine several Quantum Cascade Lasers as light sources. Thanks to their operation in the midinfrared spectral range the analyzers provide highest precision combined with best selectivity. By monitoring greenhouse gases CH4, N2O, CO2 and air pollutants NO, NO2, CO, NH3, SO2, O3 our analyzers can serve as an allinone solution for ambient air monitoring.Due to their compactness and low weight our analyzers are wellsuited for mobile monitoring. The multicompound ability opens new possibilities for emission source attribution and for studies of interactions of different trace gases. In this contribution we will shortly introduce the new multicompound gas analyzer and will present examples of mobile measurement campaigns that were recently performed by our customers with their MIRO gas analyzers.

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